How an Engagement Ring Reflects Your Personality

If you are shopping for engagement rings in Chicago, chances are you are very familiar with your partner’s likes and dislikes, habits, and style. You can use your knowledge about your significant other’s taste to find a unique engagement ring that suits him or her perfectly. Keep reading if you would like to find out how an engagement ring reflects your personality.

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While many individuals may think flashier and fancier are synonymous with better, it is important to find a ring that will suit your partner just right. When you ask this person the magic question, you will want to present a ring that he or she will be proud to wear. On top of being proud to wear the ring, your fiancée should be able to wear the ring comfortably without fear of it inhibiting any daily activities. If your partner goes to the gym three times a week or is an avid hiker, the engagement ring you choose should be comfortable and easy to wear when he or she participates in these activities. In this case you should look for a ring that does not have sharp edges that will tug on clothing or scrape skin. Consider choosing a ring with a setting that features metal around the diamond.


Marriage is a historic tradition, and many people like to honor these types of institutions by engaging in traditional practices. If your significant other feels as though he or she has been born into the future and is obsessed with all things classic, consider proposing with an emerald cut engagement ring; this type of ring portrays a traditional look and has the history to back it. If you cannot see your partner showing off the rectangular shape, however, you can always choose a ring with a round diamond.


Some partners live to defy tradition and create their own history; these individuals may be best suited with different types of jewelry such as diamond earrings or a nice band. You can also combine a gold band with white diamond to match your partner’s creative personality.

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