The Latest Engagement Ring Trends

The Latest Engagement Ring Trends

Are you ready to ask for your true love's hand in marriage? Start this exciting adventure by finding the perfect engagement ring for you Chicago bride! Get inspired by checking out some of 2015's biggest engagement ring trends:

Fancy Color Diamonds

When it comes to traditional diamonds, colorless is the most stunning and valuable option. But when it comes to fancy color diamonds, the options are nearly endless! Impress your soon-to-be bride-to-be with a fabulous fancy color diamond in blue, yellow, or pink. If you want a wider variety of color options, consider skipping diamonds and choosing other gemstones such as emeralds or sapphires.

Floral Elements

Diamonds may be a girl's best friend, but flowers hold the second best position! One of next year's biggest trends combines both of these beloved pieces to create a romantic and feminine engagement ring. Various floral elements can be incorporated into your engagement ring design, such as petals, vines, and whole flowers. This trend is perfect for a woman with a romantic style.


Flowers aren't the only feminine addition you will see in engagement rings in 2015; bows are also making a big splash in next year's bridal jewelry design! Bows are cute, fun, and great for a bride with a sweet and flirty side. This design can easily be incorporated into an engagement ring featuring pavé diamonds in the band.

Rose and Yellow Gold

Platinum and silver have both been popular engagement ring metal options for brides as seen by recent trends. Next year's trends are seeing a shift from these metals to rose gold and yellow gold. Both of these options offer a beautiful color contrast to diamonds, allowing the gemstone to show off its brilliance. Many designers are also combining platinum, yellow gold, and rose gold for brides who love the look of all three metals.

Fancy Cut Diamonds

Round brilliant diamonds tend to be the most popular choice for engagement rings. In 2015, brides are going to see a variety of fancy cut diamonds that offer an assortment of alternatives to the traditional choices. Shape trends include princess cut, cushion, emerald, and more.

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