Your Guide to the 4 Cs of Diamonds

Are you looking for an engagement ring in Chicago? At Frank Michael Jewelers, we carry a wide range of diamond rings and diamond earrings for any occasion, and our professionals are happy to help you pick out the perfect one for you or your love. As you browse our diamond selection, keep in mind that there are 4 main things—called the 4 Cs—that contribute to the diamond's beauty and quality.

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Cut has the most substantial effect on the diamond's beauty, because diamonds that are cut with greater precision are more pleasing to the eye. Cut also affects the diamond's brilliance, which is widely considered to be the brightness that a diamond seems to reflect from its core. The diamond industry considers cut in two primary ways: shape and reflective qualities. But when it comes to grading, the cut refers only to the reflective qualities. The best diamond cut is the "ideal cut," which offers maximum brilliance.

As you visit stores that offer custom jewelry in Chicago, you'll notice that when jewelers refer to a diamond's color, they're talking about the presence or absence of light in a white diamond. Colorless diamonds are ideal, as they let more light in than a white diamond, which actually absorbs light and inhibits brilliance.

Even the most brilliant diamonds usually contain an inner flaw (inclusion) or an external flaw (blemish) that occurred during or after the formation process. The number, size, and visibility of these inclusions determine the clarity grade of the diamond. Diamonds with greater clarity are more brilliant, making them more coveted and valuable.

Metric carats measure a diamond's physical weight, with one carat equal to 200 milligrams. In general, more carats indicate that a diamond is larger and rarer, which translates to a higher price and greater visibility of the diamond's beauty.

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