Factors to Consider When Buying a New Watch

A timepiece is a classic statement of your style and taste. But before you visit a store that offers custom jewelry in Chicago, think carefully about what kind of watch would be the best for your lifestyle. Here are the factors we think are most important to consider when buying a new watch.

Band Chicago Custom Watches
It can be difficult to pair a watch with a band, especially with the wide selection of bands available at shops that offer custom jewelry in Chicago. Metal is a more durable type of watchband than leather, but is more conspicuous. If you are loath to pay for a jewelry repair service down the road, opt for metal. But if you would rather have an understated everyday watch, leather is a better option for you. Ask your custom jeweler to help you compare the different colors of metal and leather available for your new watch.

Face Shape
From circular to quadrilateral, you have many different face options when selecting a watch . Circular watches tend to be more popular, but rectangular and oval-shaped watches look excellent on thinner hands or bonier wrists. In terms of style, circular tends to be the classic design, while rectangular is a little more avant-garde.

How active are you with your watch? Some people want to be able to take their watch in the water—or even scuba dive with it. Others desire durability in the form of shock resistance. Whatever your lifestyle is, if you invest in a quality timepiece at a custom jewelry shop, you can be sure it will last a long time.

Preferred Jewelry Style
Some prefer to have a polished, professional watch for client meetings, while others want something durable and rugged for the weekends. If you already have an everyday watch but you want something timeless and durable for special occasions, bring your current watch to the jeweler so he or she can get a better sense of your preferred jewelry style.

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